Space has become an expensive commodity in populated cities. How many of us run out of space in our apartments if we choose to live in the city? Most of us ponder and put in great efforts to make space in our apartments and try making it look spacious. With an array of furniture and other embellishments, it is quite an intricate task to make space, especially when the rooms are too small.

The superfluous population in the country has resulted in maximizing each and every part of Singapore and especially the space. All of us would like to go in for a spacious apartment at an affordable price, but the increased population has made it quite difficult for us to have a spacious apartment or a home. Adding to it are the soaring real estate prices and the production of small spaced apartments. Due to the lack of space the real estate has adopted a trend of small flats like studio flats and others. Well, we all would fancy having spacious apartments; here are some tips for you to make your apartment spacious:

Multipurpose furniture

Whether your limited space is by design to reduce your carbon footprint, or by necessity due to the nature of urban living, multi-purpose furniture bridges the gap between style and space. Attractive pieces that perform double duty are essential for compact living that’s anything but small.

One of the best ways to make space in your room is to have multipurpose furniture. As furniture acquires more space in a household, you should opt for multipurpose furniture which can serve your other purposes as well, like a Murphy wall bed which can be used as sofa. Apart from the multi uses of your furniture, you should also opt for light coloured furniture in order to make your rooms look bigger and brighter.

Walls and colours

One of the perfect ways to make your room look larger is to choose the appropriate colour. You can choose light coloured walls and furniture in order to portray your living space a spacious one. This will make your apartment look bigger and brighter. Colours like white, yellow and other pastel colours can be used. If your rooms look too pale and simple you can decorate them with elegant wall papers which are prominent and are of a darker shade.

Furniture with storage

Life can get messy, and every home needs a place to store daily necessities. Whether it’s spare sheets or pillows in the bedroom, toss pillows or blankets in the den, it just makes sense to fill your home with multi-tasking furniture that looks great while offering useful storage space.

As the veritable heart of the living room, coffee tables are indispensable piece of furniture. Make them even more useful by adding a coffee table with storage into the mix. Use that hidden space to store pillows, games, magazines, or anything else you want to keep out of sight.
Use Mirrors to Reflect Space

Another great idea you probably heard of is using mirrors to visually enlarge the space. But make sure you don’t place the mirrors where they can draw attention to distracting areas of your living space such as in front of your bathroom or in front of the couch. Putting a large mirror opposite a window will fill the room with more light, giving the impression of spaciousness.

Space Saving or Small Space Furniture

Space saving bed that double as a nice size sofa is probably going to be the focal point of a room. If you want a queen bed, you’d better be combining it with something, and luckily fold-out beds are widely available in all shapes and sizes. And if you think a space saver sofa bed will cramp your style, think again, just check out the various design and value for money range in Spacekoncept.

It’s Part of City Living

Remember: in a highly populated city like Singapore or Hong Kong, you’re not alone and what lacks in living storage space, it more than makes up for with vibrant lifestyle. These cities possess pulsing life, such as instant access to diverse cultures, ethnicity, dining, shopping, social events, night life. There is always something to do and see in Singapore and Hong Kong.
Getting by on limited space in Singapore can be frustrating if you are used to living with large spaces but certainly not impossible. To get comfortable in city living, you will have to be creative to maximize your home using these tips to make your square footage stretch to feel like a luxurious palace.

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