We often get excited when it comes to Interior renovations or exterior renovations. if you are new to renovation or just inexperienced in general, you can make a lot of mistakes which can set you back a lot of money or ruin the plans that you have for your home. Here are some of the top renovation mistakes that you want to avoid.

No Plan

You should never go into any renovation project without having a solid plan in place. You might think that you can just designed things on the Fly and just come up with the idea as you renovate, but this is not going to work. If you don’t have a proper plan in place you’re not going to understand things such as your budget, the measurements, the materials, and the amount of time it’s going to take to finish your renovation project. If you have no concrete plan, chances are you’re going to run into difficulty during the renovation. Before you do any sort of renovation you need to have a solid and concrete plan that you can follow to ensure that the renovation is done successfully and that you limit the amount of money you spend on the actual renovation.

Choosing a Cheap Contractor

If you’re not doing the work yourself, you’re probably working with a contractor. Before you hire any contractor, you want to sure that you’re working with a professional so that the work is done in the correct way. If you hire someone that is too cheap, you’re not going to get quality work. Remember that when you do a renovation you want things to be done in a professional way, because this is just going to reduce your costs later. If you have someone that does a poor plumbing job for example, this is just going to add to your costs over time because you’re going to have to constantly fix the plumbing. If you spend a little extra on your contractor, you’re going to be better off in the long run.

Not Measuring

Before you add anything into any room in your home, or decide on any sort of renovation, you’re going to have to get the exact measurements. Many people that try to do home renovation on their own simply don’t measure things correctly. If you don’t know the exact space for cabinets for example, you may buy cabinets that are too small or too big for the area and then the room is not going to have the proper look to it. In any room in your home you only have so much space so they have to ensure that everything you put into the room or everything you take out of the room is done in accordance to the measurements that you have. if you fail to measure things correctly, you can run into difficulties quite quickly which can add a lot of costs to a project or even put a project on hold.

Not Factoring in Added Costs

Another renovation mistake that people make is that they don’t factor in added costs. Whenever you do renovation especially to an older building, you may run into some serious issues. You may find out to the renovation that you have leaky pipes, an infestation of bugs, wood that is beginning to rot, in any number of serious issues. If you don’t factor in added costs, you may find that you quickly blow your budget if you run into a serious issue that needs to be addressed before the renovation can continue.


These are some of the top renovation mistakes that many people make. Before you start any renovation to make sure you know what you’re getting into so you can reduce your costs and get the project done on time.

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