In the current economy, not everyone can afford luxuriously real-estate with large and abundant bedrooms. But making a house your home, should not be hindered by the size of the space available to you. Admittedly decorating a small bedroom does pose a unique challenge, but the trick to success is when one learns how to make a small bedroom look bigger.

Making the best of the space available to you and decorating it smartly will result in a tasteful and open room, where one can express their personal sense of style in the best way possible.

All you need to do is adhere to a few design staples and lean in towards certain colour stories, and then channel your inner interior decorator and there you have it, your dream bedroom. Here are some tips on how to make a room look bigger.

1.    Be as minimalistic as possible – Don’t hoard your possessions

Take the contemporary approach and keep the small rooms as simple as possible, this includes limiting your furniture to the bare essentials, like a bed, a nightstand and perhaps an ottoman with a rug for that extra pizzazz. One would prefer to keep the décor as minimalistic as possible, without investing in numerous and bulky decorative pieces, that would just crowd your small room and make it suffocating.

Get rid of any furniture that can be disposed of, and replace your wardrobe with organized storage. This is an essential tip on how to make your room look cool, simply invest your time in compartmentalizing your possessions and then neatly storing them away in organized sections in the room. Not only does this look modern and appealing but saves you a ton of space.

2.    Be smart about your furnishings

Now you might have stripped down to the bare essentials of the room’s furnishings, but take your quest a step further. Make certain that your small room has proportionately sized furnishings. One wouldn’t want a full-size bed for a small room.

Similarly, focus on a simple colour story, or even opt for a monochrome approach to perpetuate the illusion of simplicity. Invest in a single large painting in the centre where the focal point of the room would be and that would draw the attention of anyone in the room, instantly making the room seem larger. And those are just some big bedroom ideas.

3.    Think in three dimensions

When trying to make a small room look bigger, think of your space in all its dimensions. Not only do you have the floor space to work with, but you also have the vertical space up to your ceiling, to decorate. This can create an illusion of a larger room than it might actually be.

Built in shelves and bookcases are an excellent tip on how to make a small room look bigger. They can stretch up to the ceiling, creating an elongated effect. Additionally, by painting the built-in storage in the same colour as the walls one can create a more spacious effect.

4.    Make use of mirrors

Mirrors are a staple for every bedroom, be it small rooms or big rooms. They are a companion to every person and essential in everyone’s daily routine. But they are also an important feature that will make your simple bedroom setting into the illusion of a large and airy one.

5.    Choose your colour story purposefully  – Lean towards lighter colour

Lighter colour stories reflect light more efficiently, which would make a room seem more spacious and airier. This alone can make the biggest difference while decorating your small room.

When thinking about the colour story for your bedroom, choosing a monochromatic colour story can be useful in segmenting off portions of the room and making it transition into a darker colour, this creates the illusion of a room enlarging into the darker colour and makes the entire space seem larger than it is. This effect creates fluidity and openness in your room. Making a room a canvas with light portions with a darker colour trim is an ideal way to go.

Opting for light and refreshing colours, instantly revitalises the mind and blurs the corners and edges of the rooms, instantly masking the dimensions of the room to the human eye. This technique is tantamount to the quest on how to make a small bedroom look bigger.

6.    Embellish the ceiling with darker colours

This is a clever trick on how to make a small bedroom look bigger. Essentially, by painting the ceiling a dark complementary colour to the rest of the room one draws the eyes of visitors upwards, creating a sense of depth that might not necessarily be there.

7.    Stripes are the right choice

Stripes are perfectly suited to trick the eye into believing that a small room is larger than it is. The repetitive nature of a stripe makes the room look more spacious. Where Horizontal stripes can elongate a room, vertical stripes make the room seem taller.

This technique paired with pastel and light colours can ensure the most efficient use of light in a room and ensure the simple bedroom setting is complimentary of the colour story.

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