A bedroom is a place to get away from it all and recharge. It’s where we sleep and where we wake up on both good days and bad. A bedroom is a very personal space, more so than any other room in your home and the room decoration should be a reflection of the person who sleeps there.

Here are some tried and true bedroom inspiration ideas, tips, and tricks to help you learn how to decorate a bedroom and turn it into a sanctuary.

Decorating a Bedroom

Use Subtle Colours

Bold primary colours are tempting, but they are not great for bedroom décor. More soothing shades will work better for bedroom design.

Soothing shades help turn the room into a restful place. Gentle hues of green, lavender, and blue are considered serene and soothing colours.  Rick jewel-toned colours are great at establishing a sense of comfort and cosiness.

Don’t Forget About the Ceiling

Bedroom ceiling is like the fifth wall in your room. Whenever you lie in bed, you get at least a glance of it and you probably see a blank and bland surface right now. However, it don’t have to be that boring; have to be this way. You can add some life to your bedroom ceiling by painting it with a subtle pattern or in a soft colour.

Consider painting your ceiling with slightly lighter vision of the colours of your bedroom walls. This helps to visually lower the ceiling and will also give the space a comfortable, intimate feeling.

Wallpaper, décor stencils such as architectural elements with beams or decorative paint treatment can be applied to the ceiling. To give a truly luxurious vibe, you can use a silver-leafed bedroom ceiling or install a canopy or tented bed using dressing that hangs from the ceiling. These tented beds or canopies envelop your bed in warmth and sensuality while bringing texture, colour, and design to your bedroom décor.

Keep it Simple

Bedrooms are not, typically, complex spaces. Your bedroom design should be cosy and simple.

Modern bedroom design emphasizes ease of moment, so you should leave a minimum of three feet between the bed and side walls or large furniture piece, as well as leaving two feet between the bed and lower furniture like tables or dressers. If you need to walk around the bed to access the closet from the bathroom, give thought to how the bed can be moved around to make access easier.

Bedrooms furniture should only consist of what you really need. This is often a bed, a bedside table or two, a dresser, and a chair. Anything else is clutter that will get in the way. A chest of drawers can also be a nice fit in your closet if you have the room. Many new homes are now using Murphy space saving bedsto create space for the bedroom.

Try to keep bedroom décor accessories to a minimum. Pick one lovely piece of art, arrange a nice small gallery of family photos, add a few flowers or candles, then leave your bedroom design alone.

Buy Furniture That Is the Correct Size

Once you decide it’s time to buy some new bedroom furniture, you should get a feel for your bedroom’s floor plan first. Create a measured, scale drawing of the room. Furniture needs to fit the room you put it in, especially bedroom furniture.

You shouldn’t select a heavy and large bed for a small bedroom. A high and tall headboard will keep a high-ceilinged bedroom from seeming too spacious and empty. Choose furniture that fits your bedroom, whether large or small.

For larger bedrooms, don’t let the room get too empty. Try including a chair or ottoman or place some piece of furniture at the end of the room.  Furniture that is too small for the room will look lost in your bedroom design.

Enjoy Luxurious Linens

Make your bedroom truly special by outfitting it with luxurious, beautiful fabrics. Nothing adds comfort the way these sheets and blankets do.

Buy sheets that are 100 percent cotton or linen with thread counts of at least 350. If you want sheets that feel like they came from a 5-star hotel, start sending your sheets to the dry cleaners for professional washing and pressing. This does not cost much but will create an incredible crisp smoothness.

Complete the luxurious feeling by adding other sensual fabrics throughout the bedroom design. These include soft mohair or cashmere throws that you can drape over the arm of a reading chair. Cover the walls with silk or textured wall hangings. Hang up silk draperies or even a silk bed canopy. Plush floor coverings are an excellent way to start a morning or prepare for bed at night.

Include Numerous Lighting Options

It is always a nice idea to have your lighting across through room. Use ambient lighting to light the while room, while including small lamps for focus light to be used for reading or other activities and some accent lights to softly illuminate the walls.

Get a bedside lamp with a moveable arm to help focus your bedside reading. Get a dimmer function for every light in your bedroom so you can adjust them. Have a separate on/off switch for each light so you can decide to only light the area that you want.

Make Your Bedroom Into a Getaway 

To make a bedroom design into a true heaven for relaxation and sleep, treat it like one. Try to keep your phone, television, exercise machines, and laptops out of the bedroom.

This space should be one used only to relax and renew yourself. Make it into a room used just for reading, sleeping, and romance. This will help you to sleep and make the room that much more special.

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