1.    Minimalistic furnishing

Optical illusions alone, does not a big bedroom make. While decorating your bedroom to make a small room look bigger, invest in multipurpose furniture, like beds that have storage units beneath it. Alternatively, purchase foldable furniture, like a pull-out sofa, that converts into a bed or invest in a Murphy bed that can fold up to utilise the extra space. Strategically choosing your simple bedroom setting will make a room spacious and airy.

Strategically plan what your bedroom should essentially be furnished with. Whatever you can afford to let go, should be done so immediately. Extra pieces of furniture will only occupy space in your small room unnecessarily and would be counterproductive to your big bedroom ideas.

For example, opt for a single bedside table, and skip the large bedroom dresser. Instead, concentrate on how much room you will have to move around once you’ve let go of all the pointless clutter.

2.    Prefer furniture with legs

Tall furniture is ideal for creating an illusion of a taller more spacious room. This technique does not essentially have to be applied to all your furnishing choices, but when wondering on how to make a small bedroom look bigger, make sure at least one of your furniture pieces is prompted up by legs.

This could be your dresser or your bed, or even both. Think strategically about what would complement the overall aesthetic of your room, and decide accordingly on the best course of action.

This mid-century contemporary style is increasingly popular amongst small rooms, as the furnishing is elevated on wispy legs, exposing more of the floor and creating a more open atmosphere.

3.    The drapes must match the walls

While more eccentric bedrooms would opt for large drapes that challenge the wall colours, small rooms should complement the walls. With simple and minimalistic designs of the window treatments, that are the same colour as the walls, makes it seem like the room is larger than it appears.

4.    Keep Low to The Ground

Your furniture might be elevated on legs, but do not invest in enormous headboards, and tall chairs and tables. Your room needs to look spacious, and for that, your furniture needs to seem as small as possible, this is yet another big bedroom idea that will aid you in the goal to having a more spacious private environment. Opt for the modern design that screams minimalistic and simplistic.

5.    Alternate to wood

Wood is just one of many options when considering the material for your furnishings. Alternatives include transparent materials like glass top tables and clear hard plastic furniture, that lets light pass right through, making the objects invisible and seem like the small room is now much bigger.

If you want to go that extra mile when thinking about how to make your small room look bigger, invest in metal furniture, that reflects light and keeps the room airy.



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